Business and Contract Law

Our primary practice areas in corporate law include the following:

Contracts & Agreements

Contracts serve as the foundation for any business. We draft and review employment agreements, non-competes, lease agreements, real estate contracts, financial agreements, vendor contracts, shareholder agreements and all applicable contracts and agreements necessary to build the strongest possible foundation for your company.

Corporate Formations & Governance

Business formation is a key area of practice for our corporate law firm. We are well-equipped to help you meet the legal requirements necessary to properly form your business in the appropriate model that suits your needs. We also handle corporate governance matters. In addition, we can help you navigate through regulatory and compliance issues with ease to ensure you and your company are well-protected.

Startup Company Guidance

Opportunities abound when it comes to creating and providing a new product or service. At Ibrahim and Daugherty Law we provide sound guidance for startup companies and entrepreneurs to help them not only achieve immediate success but long-term growth. We are prepared to help you navigate all stages of your startup company’s development.

General Counsel Services

We offer general counsel services to businesses in all industries, to aid with contracts, governance, disputes and all areas of planning, finances, and litigation that may arise. Having a knowledgeable corporate lawyer on your side can make all the difference in day-to-day operations and managing legal affairs.

Commercial Litigation

This is an exceedingly complex area of law that must be handled through meticulous preparation combined with aggressive representation to truly protect your company’s interests. We handle commercial litigation involving contract disputes, intellectual property and the many other issues that may impact your company. You can count on our business lawyers to ensure your business is protected.


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