Contracts & Agreements

We will make sure you are protected

Businesses rely on contracts and agreements to ensure that obligations are met. Contracts are a regular part of business operations that protect the rights of all parties.

Ensure Your Business Thrives

Good contracts are enforceable under law. Every aspect of an agreement should be analyzed to understand the legal implications before any final signing. Contracts that are not straight-forward or contain surprise loopholes or vague language may cause your contract to be unenforceable, or even face penalties for violating civic and public policy.

We handle all manner of contract issues with the most experience in:

Drafting new contracts

Litigating breach of contracts

Negotiating terms of contracts

Reviewing contracts before signing

Contracts should not be confusing.

The best contracts are written in plain English and are easy to understand. We take each contract and transaction and isolate the specific’s that are at issue. We draft line by line to ensure you get the protection that you need.  We review contracts to be sure there is no unnecessary exposure or unfair clauses that put you at a disadvantage.

Too often we get the call after the parties realize that the other party has breached their agreement, only to find out there was no contract.  This is the most unfortunate news that we have to give to Clients. Had they invested a little more time, in the beginning, to draft and execute an enforceable contract they could have saved themselves significant sums of money upon a breach.

We offer flat rate contract reviews for those who just want a second set of trained eyes on their contracts before signing.


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