Small Claims

California Small Claims Low-Cost Attorney Assistance

California’s Small Claims divisions of its Superior Courts make it relatively easy file a lawsuit against an individual or an entity. The use of small claims courts eases the burden on the judicial system and allows for a much faster resolution time.

While the filing process is simple, you want to be sure that your complaint accurately reflects the correct legal principals that you are alleging claims under. You also want to be sure that you have adequately prepared your case for presentation to the judge. Don’t leave it to chance, we can help.

Attorneys are generally not allowed to make appearances in small claims court on behalf of Clients. Most importantly, litigants can always seek the advice and other services of an attorney in the small claims process.

We advise our clients and provide the following services in the California Small Claims process:

Is Small Claims the right place to file your claim?

You may be giving up significant rights to recovery by filing your claim in Small Claims Court vice other venues.

How to File a California Small Claims Action.

We can prepare all the required forms for you, and take pre-litigation action on your behalf to help you settle your conflict.

Serve your documents

We can assist with locating the individuals you need to serve, as well as coordinating the actual service of process. 

How to Respond to a California Small Claims Lawsuit if You’re a Defendant.

We can evaluate your chances of success, and offer alternative means of resolving your conflict.

Continue the California Small Claims Trial.

If you are not available on the small claims trial date, we can help you get the date moved.

Preparation of Trial Brief for the California Small Claims Trial.

We research the law and prepare a brief for our client to submit to the small claims trial judge. This serves two primary purposes: (1) it advises the judge on the law and the reasons why our client should prevail, and (2) it serves as a roadmap and even a ‘script’ for our client to follow during the small claims trial.

Preparation of Trial Exhibits for the California Small Claims Trial.

Be organized and efficient to make this stressful process easier to handle. We prepare exhibit notebooks for our clients to present and reference at trial that includes all of the salient documents in the case.

Appeals: We Appear for You and Represent You at the Small Claims Appeal Hearing.

California allows defendants to appeal a small claims judgment against them. Our firm can appear for you at the Small Claims Appeal hearing, which is a trial de novo (a new trial) that takes place in California Superior Court. We will present the salient evidence (including testimony of witnesses and exhibits), the legal arguments in your favor, and we will address the arguments and evidence presented by the opposing side.

Small Claims Judgment Collection

If you are the prevailing party, we can help you collect on the judgment entered in your favor.

We can work with you to assist in all or specific parts of the process.


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