Consumer Law

Consumers purchase goods or services, sold by manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers. Consumer protection laws are there to protect you-the consumer-from being taken advantage of and victimized. Consumer transactions are regulated at both the state and federal levels, and most consumer protection laws also involve financial matters such as banking and credit.

Some consumer laws require the release of detailed information about the goods for health and safety. Take food and health products for example. The nutritional labels we have today on these products are the result of consumer protection laws. Food and drug safety laws are in place to prevent consumers from being harmed by improperly prepared goods.

Consumer Law is the legal field that deals specifically with the above issues, along with any other such unlawful deed that could fit into one of the above categories. A consumer is anyone who purchases any product or service. A vendor is anyone who is marketing and profits from the product or service.

Consumer protection law is the mainframe which covers our Consumer False Advertising practice area. These laws help protect you from being wrongfully being taken advantage of by misleading businesses – scam artists. If you have already found yourself needing help to get out of a situation where you believe you have been wronged in this category, then go ahead and check out all our consumer law sub-sections. We are committed to righting the wrongs, which have been done to you so you can get back to your family and living your best life.


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