Car Dealer Fraud and Misrepresentation

Consumer Law- Vehicles

When you purchase a new or used car from a car dealer, the dealer has a duty to disclose many critical facts to you the purchaser.  This burden falls on the dealer, and the dealer does not have to wait for you to ask the question for it to be answered.  If any of these questions apply to you, then you may have a claim for dealer fraud or misrepresentation.   Let’s talk about it.

Aside from these questions, if you think something about your purchase was questionable or you do not feel comfortable with, you should give me a call and we can discuss your options.

Did you purchase a car from a dealer and you believe that the dealer or sales representative misrepresented the condition of the car, or any term of the deal?

Do you believe the odometer is not a correct representation of the miles on the vehicle at the time of sale and that was not disclosed to you?

Did you discover the car had damage that was not disclosed after you purchased the car?

Did you discover the car was a prior rental vehicle and the dealer failed to disclose it to you, this information must be displayed on the vehicle at the time at the time of sale if it was from a dealer?

Do you suspect the car you purchase had frame or “structural” damage before you purchased it?

Did you negotiate the purchase in Spanish, and then were not given a copy of that contract in Spanish?


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